AP Language reads graphic novel

A comic book about 9/11? As strange as that might sound that is what the AP Language and Composition class is currently reading. The graphic novel,  “The 9/11 Report”, is based on the Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

This goes along with the class’s curriculum as they are currently learning how to analyze visuals, as well as text.

Many students believe that this unique way of reading about 9/11 is more beneficial.

“The graphic novel goes very in depth, yet the format makes it easy to understand and interesting,” Brendan Sheehan (11) said.

Although it took some students a while to get used to reading a graphic novel,  the majority of students agreed that they enjoy how the AP Language class is mixing things up.

“It’s a nice change to read something other than novel, like most english classes do,” Sheehan said.