Band Travels to Indianapolis


Sara Ravens (9) has some fun during her free time at the OHS band trip in Indianapolis.

This year’s OHS band trip was a little different than in years past. Instead of competing in a competition, the band was attending clinics. The band left for their annual spring trip Thursday, April 4 and returned early Sunday, April 7.

The band director, Mr. Vance Brakefield, explained to the band that although they could go to Florida, like the choir, and place first (since they would be the only band in their division) he did not feel that this would benefit the band. He said that he was disappointed in competitions the past few years due to the lack of valid criticism. For this reason he chose to go to Indianapolis, Indiana for the spring trip.

At first, many band students were not thrilled with the location. However, after the trip the majority was singing a different tune.

The band visited Ball State and Butler University for clinics. The trip was not all work. The band also attended a arcade, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, NCAA Hall of Champions, a symphony performance, and a performance of the musical, “American Idiot.”

“I started off the trip thinking it would be kind of boring, but it ended up being one of my favorite trips,” Jacqui Schanzle, (11) said.

“It was nice to go on a trip without the pressure of competing. It made the trip more relaxing and a lot more fun,” Dalvin Parker, (11) said.

Overall the band students were pleasantly surprised with this years spring trip.