Math teachers try new online software out in their classes

Mathematics teachers Mrs. Bhambri, Mrs. Roberts, and Mrs.White are taking a new approach this year when it comes to teaching Principles of Algebra I.

The teachers are piloting a new online software called “ixl” that allows students to move at their own pace. While not technically homework, the teachers suggest a section to focus on each night so that students can prepare for the test. After each round of questions, students are given a “smart score” that equates to their readiness for the test. Each question is worth 10 points, and they increase in difficulty. One must get 30 questions to reach 100 percent. Bhambri says that students with an 80 or above are well prepared for the test.

Each question can greatly influence the score. A correct answer can raise your “smart score” a few points, while an incorrect answer can drop your score drastically. The math teachers agree that this scoring systems allow the students to gain more practice before the tests.

“I like that ixl offers a lot of courses with all kinds of problems. Even if I mess up, I know I can keep going until I understand the course,” Nat McCabe (9) said.

Mrs. White and Ms. Bhambri are seeing improvements in test scores from last year. Mrs White enjoys that ixl does not just tell student if they are right or wrong but also explains the steps to get each question correct. They both also like that the site is always open for students if they feel they need some more practice before the test.