Parenting students visit local preschools

OHS Parenting II students took a break from high school to go back to preschool for a day.

Mrs. Stephanie Duever’s 3rd and 4th block classes and Mrs. Samantha Matoushek’s 7th and 8th block classes went to three different preschools to observe how each program is run and the differences between each program. The students were given a packet to evaluate each school and were then instructed to write five positive and five negative things they saw and determine which school they would send their child to.

“It was fun to get to play with the little kids of different ages. They were all so cute,” Ally Landmann (12) said.

The field trips were scheduled to be on Jan. 20 and Jan. 21. However, the Mehlville School District was closed on Jan. 20 due to snow, so students in 3rd and 4th block were rescheduled to visit the Goddard School, Casa dia Montessori, and St. Lucas on Jan. 28, while the other classes kept with the schedule.

“I think it went really well. It was good to see how the different places do things and how the teachers interact with the kids,” Sophie Nelms (12) said.