Indianapolis College Craze


Students from across the country gather in Indianapolis to not only attend the National Broadcast Convention, but scope out some colleges as well.

The Journalism National Convention is attracting students from schools all across the country, but not always for the convention and its activities.

The Griffin Exhibit Hall is hosting a wide variety of colleges with representatives to talk with students about their various college options and each of their specific benefits.

“I’ve been looking for colleges on the Northeast Coast like NYU and BU because they have really opened up opportunities for me,” said Sydney Stern, a junior at Oakville High School. “They have very diverse colleges and are very urbanized. It makes it easier for me to expand my horizons and do something with international relations.”

As students are looking into developing their careers, they not only take location into account, but cost and quality of the programs as well. Throughout your college career, your knowledge is not the only thing that will be changing.

“You don’t want to be the same student when you graduate that you were during your first year,” said Dr. Charlie Tuggle of the University of North Carolina.

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