Jobs Movie Worth The Watch

Steve Jobs is a man many know, but often don’t understand. A large majority of people have owned an Apple product, and you might be reading this on an iPhone right now. The movie Jobs was a representation of his life and struggles from his life at Reed College in the 70’s to his return to Apple and the revolution of the iPod. Ashton Kutcher, taking on the lead role of Steve Jobs, gives one of the best single performances of his career in my opinion despite the movie falling short in box office and ratings.


The movie starts out showing a older Steve Jobs; he is giving one of the famous Apple unveiling speeches where he introduces the iPod. A revolutionary device which changed the way the average person listens to music. The movie then jumps back in time to 1974 when Jobs was roaming around Reed College, which he had dropped out of. His, at one time, college professor tries to convince Steve into taking classes again in order to find his passion but Steve does not believe he can find himself in a classroom. The movie then portrays his adventures in India before returning to his lesser known job of being a programmer for Atari. Here we start to see Jobs’ inability to work with others and also his certain style and hygiene is made apparent, not wearing shoes and only eating fruit. After being assigned a difficult task, Jobs looks to fellow engineer friend Steve Wozniak for help. This is where the story really begins as Steve finds the prototype for what will be, the Apple 1.


While this movie often falls short in ratings, I still believe it is a quality movie that is definitely worth the watch for anyone that has ever heard of Steve Jobs. Critics say that the movie has an unfair portrayal of Steve Jobs, saying the movie overdramatised his anger and  ruthless work ethic. Regardless the resemblance and overall persona between Jobs and Kutcher is uncanny. See Jobs, but take it with a grain of salt.