Contest; Flower Dragon

Although I only saw the first How to Train Your Dragon film, I saw enough scenes from the sequel to call it my favorite. I found it absolutely amazing that DreamWorks had once again made another masterpiece of a movie and created the perfect, if not dramatically emotional, plotline for How to Train Your Dragon 2. Megan became in charge of drawing the second most important character in the movie, Toothless the dragon, but I was almost tempted to ask her to draw the Bewilderbeast instead. From what I learned from the online forums and cutscenes from the movie itself, the Bewilderbeast is like a dragon leader that guards a sanctuary for all dragon kind. I found it clever how it was named after a flower, the Bewilderbeast Iris, known for being most majestic of its species. However, Toothless was an adorable addition to the center spread and I don’t doubt that having Megan attempt to draw the latter dragon would’ve been the death of her.