Play On!


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Mikayla Deeken (12) reacts in shock as she hears some bad news.

Many of the cast members are excited to show off their hard work after weeks of rehearsing and putting together a play that was … not quite meant to look well put together at all.

Play On is about a troupe of actors trying to perform a drama called ‘Murder Most Foul’ but end up bickering and meeting all sorts of problems due to the Scriptwriter, played by Jenny Raeger (12), changing the script each rehearsal on stage. This story is straightforward but hilarious, poking fun at the incompetence of the characters and the struggle they go through.

For the most part, the story itself was not hard to perform for the cast, but many of the students ended up getting sick during the worst part of winter last month. This did pose as a problem for Drama Club, but it was nothing that couldn’t be handled immediately. One cast member told the Prowl of his favorite moment during the production.

Nathan Schlechte (12), who will act as the Director, mentioned how he enjoyed being able to bond with the other cast members and the crew, especially during the dress rehearsal that was March 3.

“We messed up a few times but we eventually got it all to work out,” he said..

Mrs. Amy Learn is confidant in the performance of Drama Club. She shared that her favorite moment in the production of Play On was the set designing.For a play meant to look incomplete and of somewhat low quality, it was quite a challenge for the Drama Club, but not an entirely stressful or unpleasant one.

“We had to make sure that everything did not quite match but still worked together,” Mrs. Learn said.

Everyone is excited to see this nonsensical play tonight. The Drama Club will also be performing again on Friday, March 6, and Saturday, March 7 iat Room of OHS at 7 p.m. in the OHS Drama Center.