‘Dune’ is an outstanding visual experience

¨Dune¨ movie poster

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

¨Dune¨ movie poster

With “Dune’s” model cast, it is no wonder the visuals of this movie are so amazing. Though it may take some brain power to decipher what is going on at first, viewers can get used to this fairly quickly—even quicker if you can retain many different names at once.

The storyline of this film follows a young prince named Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet) in a far future realm in which he and his noble family are thrust onto a dangerous planet called Arrakis. Here, they are faced with the native people—Fremen—who are historically hostile toward the rulers of Arrakis, and the former rulers of Arrakis—the House Harkonnen. Soon the groups find themselves caught up in a violent and thrilling conflict. 

The cast does a fantastic job of making the complicated plot easier to digest. Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) uses her skills to convey the feelings her character is experiencing at the moment to the viewer, which makes understanding if what is going is good or bad much easier. Also, Vladimir Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgard) portrays the evil antagonist perfectly. His excessive gluttony and oily behaviors repulse viewers and allow them to see the extent of the villain’s menace. 

“Dune” has a setting similar to that seen in a “Star Wars” movie mixed with eerie science fiction elements similar to those seen in “The Hunger Games.” Viewers should not be fooled, however. This film is not the youth-adored science fiction series that “Star Wars” is, as it has many elements that make it almost scary, like extremely creepy-looking creatures and many images that truly repulsed me. 

This movie also portrays a story more intensely than any other movie I have seen, meaning that every emotion you feel while watching this is very strong because it is produced so incredibly well in every aspect. For example, in a scene in which a Fremen woman presents the Queen of Atreides with a sacred knife and screams in agony for no apparent reason, I was truly disturbed— a scream that lasted three seconds left me with an eerie feeling for the rest of the film.

I urge everyone who enjoys sci-fi thrillers to see “Dune” as soon as possible.