SZA’s New Album is Snooze Worthy


After much anticipation, SZA finally dropped her newest album. In SOS, SZA experimented with many different genres such as R&B, rap, rock, pop, etc. Don Toliver and Travis Scott only added to the amazing experience and matched the varying energy SZA brought to the studio. 

SZA definitely had me worried when she announced SOS was 23 tracks in length, which was one of the only pieces of information released prior to the release of the album. Of course fans were happy to have so much new material from her, but it is very difficult to make a consistently great 12 track album, let alone one that’s 23 songs long.

The album was pretty cohesive until “F2F,” which is a pop-punk song that sounds like it came from a Disney movie track. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the song. However, it sounds out of place being put in this album. The following tracks including “Nobody Gets Me,” “Conceited” and “Special” felt like a step down in quality from the other songs on the album as well. They just didn’t really fit in with the rest of the album.

The album overall is a huge hit, although I wish it was shorter. Even at the end of a year, as stacked as 2022 was, SZA comes in at the finish line and delivers with an amazing project.