Shop ’til you drop

This is a stressful time for seniors in general.

With graduation around the corner, college approaching quickly, and prom already next month, it is completely understandable as to why seniors would be stressed out.

For all the girls who are still struggling to find that “perfect” dress, stress no more. Most people have no idea how many prom shops are near Oakville’s area. Not to mention, bridal stores carry beautiful dresses as well that could work for prom.

These are just some of the prom stores that have been recommended to me. Festus Prom Store located in Festus, David’s Bridal located in Sunset Hills, Savvi Formalwear and CACHE both located in West County Mall, Robin’s Bridal, Kirkwood Bridal Boutique, and Helen’s Bridal all located in Kirkwood, Special Occasions by Paulette and Teddy located in Ladue, Distinctions located in Creve Coeur, and last but not least, The Wedding Gallery-Prom located in St. Charles.

Aside from the department stores that every senior girl at least tries to find something in, the above options are just a few that may have something in stock that is different from what girls are used to seeing.