Seniors set the bar

OHS seniors joined forces with their Senior Exec to make their last spirit week one to remember. With guidance from Senior Exec, the fire was lit and most senior’s desire to make this spirit week go out with a bang burned bright.

“We really wanted to go all out since it is our last spirit week,” Senior Exec VP Remy Edwards (12) said. As the countdown to graduation gets closer, this years seniors prepare to embrace their futures head on.

“It’s depressing thinking about how the year flew by but [it is] also exciting. It’s definitely bitter sweet,” Exec VP Kris Webb (12) said.

Exec wanted the seniors to realize that last week was their last spirit week and they should unite together as a class one last time. School spirit is a key component for a positive and enjoyable high school experience.

“School spirit comes from how much students want to get involved and how the upper-class instills the concept that spirit week is important,” Athletic Director Becky Czuppon said.