Spirit week 2011 takes a sweet turn

Spirit week 2011 takes a sweet turn

OHS it’s that time of year again, just a bit early. Spirit week beings Tuesday, Sept. 6, and leads up to the Homecoming dance on Saturday, Sept. 10.

Because three of the first four football games are home games, Homecoming was scheduled early this year. The reason Homecoming was not schedule on the Mehlville vs. Oakville game, Sept.16, is because that is the night our schools compete to see who collects the most underwear and socks, also known as underwear wars. These are two big events that our school focuses on and there would be too much going on for one night.

To start off the week on Tuesday, students will dress as “Smartie Pants” so grab your suspenders and pocket protectors, and be as smart as you can be. Wednesday is Crazy Hair Day, so work that up-do. Thursday will be the day that seniors and juniors battle it out in the annual Powder Puff Game. To top this week off, spirit week will end Sept. 6 with Black and Gold Day. That night will be the homecoming game against Parkway South at 7pm.

To end this amazing week, the Homecoming Dance will be held Saturday, Sept. 10. This year’s theme is really sweet. Get ready to enter Candy Land! Jessica Sack(12), Senior Executive, said that this year’s decorations are anticipated to be better than ever.

“People will notice the decorations more than in past years,” Sack said. So OHS, get ready for an awesome week of school spirit and join the fun.