Teacher remembered in a t-shirt

Teacher remembered in a t-shirt

The back of shirts that were made to look like an element and Kolwycks favorite subject chemistry

Sept.14 was the one year anniversary of the passing of beloved OHS chemistry teacher Ken Kolwyck. To remember, him OHS made t-shirts.

Ms. Jackie Neely, a former colleague of Kolwyck, came up with the idea for selling t-shirts in his honor.  “ I was like wow! I couldn’t believe how quickly it came up, ” Neely said.

The design for the t-shirts came from Kolwyck’s signature coffee mug with a smiley face. Neely came up with the design on the back herself by putting Kolwyck’s favorite subject, chemistry, together with the date of his passing to make it look like an element.

With only two days to sign up to order a t-shirt the former students and coworkers pulled together and got 101 t-shirts ordered. On his birthday this spring, they plan to have another order for shirts so that anyone who missed out can get one.