16 and parents…for the weekend

16 and parents...for the weekend

Practice Makes Perfect: Sam Sobo (11) practices changing her baby in Ms. Anderson’s Parenting 1 class.

A typical weekend for a high school kid could consist of going to a party with their friends, attending a friday night football game, or anything else that would be remembered in the future. But on the weekend of Oct.14, the parenting 1 students at OHS had a different agenda. They were assigned a ‘fake baby” to take care of for one weekend.

The babies that are handed out are an animatronics that go off when ever they feel like it.  They go off for different reasons such as hunger, diaper change, or uncomfortable positions.  In the event that they go off, the student must take the wristband that they are given for the weekend and swipe the baby’s back. They then perform the needed attendance to them.

“The baby I was assigned went off too many times for me to count” junior Megan Walsh said. “I thought it would never go off.”

Walsh said that even though it was a pain to get up in the middle of the night to attend to the baby, it was a great experience to help her in the future.  Walsh also recommends that if you have a job, be sure to take off for that weekend.