Juniors nominate classmates for superlatives

Juniors nominate classmates for superlatives

Messi Dedic (11) sings “I Want Candy” by Aaron Carter after he won the Celebrity Look-a-Like superlatives.

At the junior ring dance on Feb. 16, the class superlatives were announced. The junior class had a chance to nominate students the previous weeks in ANP. Following the previous years, the superlative categories were lighthearted and unique. Here’s a list of the winners:

Most Accident Prone – Kyle Filliput and Ronni Marts

Most Likely to be a Professional Athlete – Jordan Klipsch and Gabby Korte

Class Flirt – Troy Korte and Taylor Lehde

Celebrity Look-a-Like – Messi Dedic and Alyssa Waller

Best Smile – Brandon Vansickle and Kelly McCormick

Drama King/Queen – Evan Comte and Kayla Polka

Most Friendly – Alex Dieckmann and Julie Waters

Most Likely to be Famous – Tommy Steirin and Ashley Jones

Best Dressed – Ryan Hancock and Kasey Smith

Class Clown – Joe Bell and Maddie Growe

Most School Spirit – Sam Nelms and Sammie Weaver

Most Likely to become President – Dan Altmann and Rachel Scott

Most Likely to be on “Jersey Shore” – Aldin Plehandzic and Sanela Husic


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