Benjamin hands down choir shirt to Sato

Benjamin hands down choir shirt to Sato
For over ten years the OHS choir has maintained the choir shirt tradition. This year, Bryce Benjamin (12) handed down the choir shirt to Alex Sato (11).
Each year a spirited senior, must be male, is chosen to carry on the tradition by whoever currently has the honor. The senior who inherits the shirt has to wear the shirt every Friday or on the last day of the school week. Once the senior’s turn is up, they sign the sleeve and place an emblem on it that can either represent them, a fad, a joke, or whatever they feel is needed.
“Receiving the jacket is a huge honor and if it signifies anything, it signifies a bold commitment to individualism, choir tradition, and a willingness to make every Friday awesome,” Sato said.
The senior that inherits the shirt is also not supposed to wash the shirt, according to OHS choir lore; however, it is okay if said senior’s mother steals the shirt and washes it.
According to Benjamin, there is no specific reason for handing down the choir shirt, but it is generally handed down to those that show strong leadership in the choir program.
The tradition was originally started as a way for students to agitate teachers, but now the tradition is just maintained for fun.