Kellerman welcomes students back to “Our House”

Kellerman welcomes students back to Our House

Teachers and seniors battle it out in a competitive game of musical chairs at this years pep assembly.

The first day of school this year was drastically different than years past at OHS. Principal Jan Kellerman took the school by storm on her second first day as building principal by holding an assembly to celebrate being back at Our House. Students of all classes were taken aback by the no learning concept of the first day, and most students loved the carefree feel of the usually dreadful first day.

For freshmen, entering high school is a scary experience. Personally, I remember being terrified by the larger school and much larger student body that inhabits it. Kellerman’s goal in holding the pep assembly was to make this year exciting from the very beginning. Most of the ninth graders, though apprehensive, appreciated and enjoyed the festivities held in Gym A.
“It’s weird but exciting. I’m really excited for football games and being with my friends,” said Freshman Shannon Kapper about the pep assembly.

Other events also took place at the assembly such as a student-teacher game of musical chairs in which Kaeon Brooks (12) and Luke Hassler (12) were the final two players. Brooks took the win, saying that it felt, “really great to win. It was an awesome way to start the year!”

The goal of the assembly was to bring everyone together and showcase all of the opportunities OHS has to offer. Principal Kellerman called this day an Our House Reunion. Dan Carter acted as an enthusiastic Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the assembly. He did this job well by pumping the crowd up whenever possible.
Mrs. Kellerman and the rest of OHS’s faculty hoped to encourage students to “act silly” and let loose. In future first day assemblies, Kellerman hopes to have competition between classes, higher participation levels and more OHS pride than already shown on Thursday.
“I think our students need a voice,” said Kellerman., “I want [students] to know it’s fun to be here and to show pride for our school!”