Bardley “Rest in Paradise”

Bardley “Rest in Paradise”

Students sign the banner in memory of Angelique Bardley.

A tragedy struck OHS along with the friends and family of our strong friend, Angelique Bardley (12). After a long battle of a rare liver cancer for two years, Bardley passed away and “was called home”, as her mother Shenita Thomas said, on Jan 21.

This bright eyed and wide smiled student, friend, and daughter left this world with an impact and a great legacy. Bardley inspired every person who was lucky enough to know her. While battling cancer, she inspired her doctor, Blaine Sayre, to start a new medical practice designed just for city children. In an interview with KSDK, Sayre stated that Bardley “[was] so strong and never gave up. She [was] one of the strongest patients I have ever had.”

One of the many amazing traits of Bardley was the determination she had, even while going through chemotherapy, to finish school and always look forward to the future. Before she left our world, Bardley received her high school diploma from the Mehlville School District. She was also accepted into Saint Louis University’s pre medicine program.

OHS has done their part in remembering Bardley by setting up a banner for students to sign as well as selling t-shirts in memory of her. All the money made from the t-shirts will go to Bardley’s family.

“Even though she was dealing with a terrible illness, she came to class everyday with a positive attitude,” Barldey’s journalism teacher Mr. Jeff Kuchno said. “She always walked in the room with a smile on her face.”

Bardley will be very missed by everyone who knew her and loved her. She always was someone to cheer one up, no matter how they were feeling. Rest in paradise, Angelique Bardley. OHS loves you and you will be very missed.