Raising her Voice and following her dreams


Ever since Kara Setari (11) was four years old, she has had a love for singing. Now, at age 16, she has an opportunity to make her dreams come true by auditioning for the popular singing television show “The Voice.”

“When I was four, I always wanted to do something musical in my career,” Setari said. “and The Voice gives me a chance.”

Setari passion for music stemmed from her grandmother, a pianist and a harpist. Throughout the years she has grown to love music even more.

She has been in choir for 11 years and is currently a part of OHS’s Women’s Chamber Choir where she sings second soprano. She hopes to pursue a career in music beginning with college. Her dream is to major in music, at either Juilliard or Millikin University in Illinois.

Though Setari is excited for her audition for The Voice, this is not her first time trying out for the television show. In July 2013, she tried out for the show, though she did not make it as far as she would have liked. She said that the producers did not like the genre she was singing, however they did recommend she return and audition again this year. She sang “Think of Me” from The Phantom of the Opera Broadway Production. This year, she plans on singing Defective by Samantha Barks for the producers. She hopes that by singing  a ‘Pop’ song this year, as as opposed to last year’s ‘Broadway/Show-Tune’ song, the producers will be pleased.

She is heading to the audition in Chicago on Jan. 19 where she will have a long day ahead of her. Setari’s audition is at 7am and the process is very lengthy. The producers separate all of the auditionees into groups and send each group in one at a time. Then, they let you sing the first verse and chorus of the song of your choice. If the producers like you, then they will give you a callback. If you make the next callback, you will go to Los Angeles where you will try out in front of the judges. She did not make it past the first round last year, but this year, Setari hopes that she will make it further.

“Singing is a way to express myself when I can’t normally,” Setari said.