OHS Seniors Fight For Privileges

Last school year, OHS students lost their ANP privileges due to misuse and behavioral issues. However, some students felt as if they did not deserve to get their privileges taken away.

Last year, seniors, juniors, and sophomores got ANP privileges. Seniors were allowed to leave ANP without a pass, sit in the commons, and come to school late a few days during the year. Juniors were allowed to leave ANP without pass and sophomores had 6 days they could leave ANP without a pass. These privileges, of course, came with a price. You could not loiter, you had to keep up your grades, and you had to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, some students misused their privileges.

At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, the staff came together and decided that it was best to get rid of the privilege system. This outraged many students, especially the Class of 2015 who were missing out on their senior privileges. Once the news was officially out, a group of students decided to try and get the privilege system back. They brainstormed ideas on how to improve the system and tried to schedule meetings with administration.

After some hard work, senior students Donald Rabin, AJ Scott, Emma Sona, Ellie Sona, Leah Meissner, and Maura Maltagliati met with the privilege committee and administration to discuss their proposal on August 18th.

“We tried our best to ensure privileges whether it be in the next term or next semester,” said Rabin.

The students would also like to remind OHS students that the teachers are ready to help and they are trying to support students in getting the privileges back.

Although the students left the meeting with high hopes, the decision about what will happen with this year’s privileges has not yet been made.