Madrigal Mayhem: Choir Prepares For Dinner Theatre


Madrigal Singers will take to the stage on Thursday and Friday, Dec 11 and 12, to perform their annual holiday show. The show starts each night at7pm in the OHS drama center.

For the past several weeks, the students have been rehearsing during school and almost every day after school. Every year the students do this just as a fun holiday show. This year it is based around Cinderella, and after the show is over, the singers will sing around 20 minutes of Christmas/holiday music.

“It may seem a little awkward, but its funny with the weird jokes we do” said Madrigal singer Haley Sandvoss (12). “It’s more like a musical that we made really funny. I really enjoy doing this show because it makes the people laugh and sometimes I can’t help but laugh.”

This will be the first holiday show for Mr. Michael Wegener as the new vocal music director at OHS.

“I’m very excited for the show, it was the show that I put on my senior year. I was the King in this show and it was really exciting,” said Wegener, who was a 2004 graduate of OHS.

For Kurtis Leible (12), this is his last show, since he is graduating early. “It’s bittersweet because I’m really going to miss this, but I’m excited to get out of high school,” said Leible. “I’m looking forward for this show, I’m excited that it’s my last show. I really hope that everyone loves the show, because it’s breaking my heart that it’s my last.”

Tickets on sale through Mr. Wegener for $6, and $3 with a student ID.