Rabin chosen for MMEA Festival


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Donald Rabin (12) practices the flute during marching band practice. Rabin was chosen for the MMEA First-Chair Flute in the 2014-2015 school year.

Donald Rabin (12) was chosen as first chair all state for the flute and will be participating in the MMEA festival this week.

The MMEA is also known as the Missouri Music Educators Association. There are four musical ensembles that play at the festival: band, orchestra, choir and jazz band. The festival is held Jan. 28 to Jan. 31.

For the first three days, the bands and choir, consisting of musicians all over Missouri, practice together for the live all day performance held on Saturday.

“It’s a great opportunity to get involved and socialize with new people who have the same interests as me that I’ve never met before,” Rabin said.

To be chosen at all is an honor for musicians in Missouri, and to get first chair is the highest honor of all. Rabin was also chosen last year and attended the festival, but was eighth chair.

“Over 100 flutes competed for the band and I was first overall. I was ecstatic that day!” Rabin said.

Ben Deru (12) and Erin O’Neill (12) have also been chosen to go to the MMEA festival to be a part of the all state choir concert.