Leadership is on point at Point

Classes take team-building activities to elementary school


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Leadership student Ally Maddock (12) watches as Point students attempt to build a tower using only marshmallows and uncooked noodles.

After losing their initial team-building activity through the YMCA, Point Elementary turned to the OHS administration in desperate need, and their solution inspired a hopeful tradition for the future.

Drama and leadership teacher Amy Learn was approached by the OHS administration with an email from Point Elementary School’s Principal, Dr. Shannon Pike. After their team building program, directed by the YMCA, was cancelled, they needed an effective replacement.

As to why she contacted OHS, former Assistant MHS Principal Pike stated, “Well obviously I have a relationship with the high school kids, and just seeing the power of that mentorship and having it in the past I thought it would be really great!”

With a solution in mind, Learn approached her leadership classes thinking this was a great opportunity to “apply their learning and do a real life example of what they talk about in class.” Leadership students designed their plan, involving a series of indoor activities that would replace the prior team building activity.

“These kids, they’re looking to have a fun day, get to know each other a little more, and build camaraderie. And I think they’ve done that,” leadership student Tim Furrer said, “I think it is very important for leadership to get outside the classroom, and it is a great way to get outside the community. It’s kind of a great way to expand leadership’s horizons places into places just farther than Oakville High School.”

The program had an astounding outcome. Administrators, teachers, and students from both schools were very happy with the replacement. Talk about continuing this activity in the future, as a tradition, was even mentioned as a fun experience to connect the high school with their sister schools.