Nine students inducted into Tri-M Music Honor Society

Nine students were recently inducted into Tri-M Music Honor Society, but this year’s members are a bit different than those in the past.

Tri-M requires that all members have an overall 3.0 GPA, a 3.5 GPA in their music classes, and have been in a top level auditioned group for at least one year. In addition, they have to have participated in either All-Suburban or the Solo and Ensemble Festival at least one time. However, this year’s inductees, Alec Lininger (11), Bryan Kuchno (11), Cassidy McNeal (11), Hannah Gallop (12), Lea Wheeler (12), Rachel Eschbacher (11), Ronni Jones (11), Sara Ravens (12), and Emily Miller (11), and returning members Shannon McFarland (12), Daniel Throm (12), and Lindsey Eplin (12), have gone above and beyond.

“What’s different about this year’s members is that they’re really motivated to be involved…they’re generating the energy,” said Tri-M sponsor and Choir Director Ms. Chelsea Ayres.

Although inductions happened only recently, the students are already getting started on organizing music-based events.

“We’ve helped to promote the talent show and we’re trying to get more students involved from the music department this year,” said Ayres.

The Society has also started to plan new events that have never been done before at OHS.

“We’re going to try doing singing Valentines where people would pick a song and we would come and serenade their significant other,” said member Shannon McFarland.

Oakville’s Got Talent will take place on Nov. 14 at 7:00 PM at the Nottelmann Auditorium.