TREND celebrates Red Ribbon Week


A teacher poses behind her ANP’s decorated door.

Because this year is the 30th Anniversary of Red Ribbon Week, TREND planned different ways to make this year extra special.

Every year, Red Ribbon Week is celebrated from Oct 23-31. Red ribbons are handed out to students and staff who choose to display that they are living drug-free. People decided to wear red ribbons since they wanted to spread awareness about the dangers of drugs. This tradition originated in Mexico and is now celebrated here in the US.

Science teacher Mrs. Allen, who sponsors TREND, says, “We plan to make this year special since it’s the 30th anniversary of Red Ribbon Week, and TREND has sponsored this event for 20 years.”

The club planned fun activities for the students and staff, such as a “Say BOO to drugs” scavenger hunt, and an ANP door-decorating contest.

On Friday, Oct 30, each ANP door will be judged and the most creative ANP will win a fun prize. Allen hopes that these activities will allow the students at OHS to get more involved with Red Ribbon Week.