MADS choir performs A Murder Most Fowl


Tiger Paw photo

Alec Boeschen plays the part of the Jester.

Audiences will flock to see Madrigal Choir’s latest performance of the play entitled A Murder Most Fowl.

A holiday tradition, MADS has performed a play and choir performance in the drama center for the last several years. They start out with comedy theatre performed by choir members and finish off the show with a performance of Christmas carols.

This year each MADS choir member was given a part to play. Alec Boschen (12) plays Jester, one of the main characters in this play.

“I’m most excited about playing Jester because in the past, there have been a lot of great Jesters and I think it’ll be an exciting role” Boschen said.

In addition to Boschen, Bryan Kuchno (11) plays the Second Assistant Inspector Detective Vison Downey. Tori Thole (12) plays the princess.

“This is my second year doing the theatre and this year I play the Princess,” Tori Thole (12) said. “The princess is one of my favorite parts but in one scene I have to pretend to trip, which I’m not really excited for. Overall, I’m really excited for the play.” Thole said.

Choir is optimistic about the performance’s crowd.

“We usually have a pretty good crowd for the performance,” said Mr. Michael Wegener, Madrigal choir instructor. “We either sell out or come close to selling out.”

The show will be held is in the drama center Thursday and Friday (Dec. 10 and 11) at 7 pm.