JV Golden Girls prepare for competition season

For a long time, the varsity Golden Girls have been the only Golden Girls here at Oakville. This year, a JV squad has been added to the “GG” family.

With a team of only five dancers, the girls face challenges but they are still committed to achieving success. The team received first on their home routine at UDA camp and were also awarded blue ribbons.

“For having such a small number of girls and being the very first JV team, we’re doing great and I think we’ll continue to place well,” Taylor Zapf (10) said.

Said Maddie Hayden (9), “Coach Brittany is helping us a lot and all the varsity Golden Girls have been great mentors towards us.”

The squad does not begin actual competitions until December but they continue to work hard as a team.

Coach Brittany, the JV coach, says, “All the girls are doing a really good job and the harder they work, the stronger they become.”

The team has a long journey ahead of them and as they continue to do well, they are one step closer to being on varsity in their next year.