Winter spirit week

Winter Spirit Week took place the week of Jan 17- 20 in order to celebrate the pep assembly and the Charity Dance.

The week kicked off on Tuesday, Jan. 17 with “Twin Day.” Friends and actual twins teamed up and wore matching clothing to represent being twins.

Spirit week has been lacking because the spirit day themes are horrible. They are the same things every year,”

— Sophia Martino (11)

“I dressed up for Twin Day since I’m a twin and we wanted to confuse people. My brother and I have a lot of the same clothes so it was easy,” Matt Pinner (11) said.

On Wednesday, students rolled out of bed in their pajamas and came to school for “PJ Day.” Many students wore creative onesies- from unicorns to Minnie Mouse.

“Where is everybody?” students asked on Thursday. It was “Camo Day” and students dressed in their best camouflage gear.

This all lead up to “Neon Day” on Friday for the winter pep rally and to celebrate the Charity Dance on Saturday, Jan. 21. Student Council struggled throughout the week to sell enough tickets for the dance, but on Friday ticket sales jumped drastically.

Even though students participated throughout the week, overall spirit lacked compared to other spirit weeks and dances in the past. Some feel that it was not well advertised, while others believe just school spirit has decreased. In addition, many students decided to leave school early instead of staying for the pep assembly.