STUCO implements new app


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Student body president Taylor Zapf (12) checks out the new app with STUCO member at STUCO meeting on Sept. 21.

It’s been a subject of rumor and student body president speeches for years, but the time has finally come — OHS Student Council has its own app.

The new app seeks to get rid of StuCo’s usual method of bookkeeping by allowing members to accrue their required points right on their cell phones. Barcodes will be held by execs and advisors at StuCo events; students will then scan the barcode to add points onto their app. The app is not only easier to keep track of but also reduces the paper used to print books for StuCo members.

“The point of the app is to keep track of points and attendance in a more simplified and easy to review way,” said app creator Thomas Gleiforst (12).

After six months of work, the app is now available on the google play store and the app store. StuCo members began signing onto the app on Sept. 25. There were some small issues, but the app met with great success. The first bar code will be available to scan at the next StuCo meeting in October.

“(The app) will definitely change the way StuCo is run,” said Student Body President Taylor Zapf (12).