3D Art stitches gifts for daycare children


Tiger Paw Yearbook

3D art student Haley Lockamy (12) works on her stuffed animal project during class on Nov. 10.

Dreams really do come true, especially if you have Ms. Alexandra Heyl as a 3D art teacher.

Her and her first block 3D art foundations class stitched together fabric into stuffed animals for the children at Planet Child Care. This isn’t her first time doing this, either. Having previously done this at Cuba High School, in collaboration with the FACS teacher there, she thought it would be a great tradition to bring to OHS.

“I collaborated with Mrs. Jamie Daughaday last year to make the stuffed animals.” said Ms. Heyl. “The Tiger Tots drew their animal designs and my 3D foundations class made them into stuffed animals.”

This semester, because Tiger Tots is only a second semester class, Ms. Heyl asked her first block 3D art foundations class if any of them knew any daycares to collaborate with for a stuffed animal project. Elma Sumic (10), one of the students, said her mother works at Planet Child Care and would be willing to work with Ms. Heyl on the project.

The animals were completed on Nov. 14th, with a total of 26 sewn together and ready for their new owners – the children at Planet Child Care. Specially designed by each child, the stuffed animals truly have their own styles and personalities.

“The stuffed animals are being delivered this Friday (Nov. 17),” said Ms. Heyl. “It’s also a great way for the students to give back to the community they love.”