Sophia Martino has had a big year


Photo courtesy of John Wolff

With a big smile on her face, Sophia Martino (12) is crowned Homecoming Queen on Sept. 9.

After being named homecoming queen in September, Sophia Martino (12) continues to make her senior year one to remember.

Martino has recently been named Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) state ambassador. She will be making public appearances to spread awareness for spinal diseases, including Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which she was diagnosed with at age one.

In her new role, Martino will be making public appearances around the state at fundraisers and events to raise money and awareness.

“It has been an honor being chosen as an ambassador,” Martino said. “It honestly still doesn’t feel real, but I keeping seeing my face everywhere. I have been truly blessed.”

SMA causes her muscles to fail to receive the necessary signals from her nerves, but she doesn’t let the disease get in her way. Martino is involved in choir, chorale, and plans to attend the University of Missouri- Columbia in the fall of 2018.

“I’m happy I get to spread the news about this disease I have with so many other people around the state,” Martino said. “I hope to bring more awareness.”