NHS makes a change


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Kayla Klipsch (12) helps her teacher organize their money during the 2017 Penny Delay.

Still feeling unmotivated after spring break? The National Honor Society has the fundraiser for you!

On April 5 and 6, OHS will hold the second annual Penny Delay fundraiser to raise money for the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, a group that aims to prevent child abuse and neglect and helps families in emergency situations. Each penny donated during each block represents one second of delay in class. Each class can be delayed to a maximum of 30 minutes. To reach 30 minutes of delay, the class must raise $18.

“The penny delay is one of our most successful fundraisers,” NHS member Mark Pinner (12) said. “It really helps out the Crisis Nursery.”

The Penny Delay fundraiser raised $2,431.88 last year for Project Peanut Butter, a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the treatment of malnutritioned children around the world.

“Students should donate because this year all of the money raised is going to help the St. Louis Crisis Nursery,” NHS sponsor Ms. Courtney Hausner said.