Oakville Bowling falls short of league title


Mckenzie Knapp

Team Black poses for a picture with their coach before competing in the “Roll Off” on April 8.

“Let’s go!” Nathan Long (11) shouted in celebration after rolling his seventh straight strike on April 8 at DuBowl Lanes.

Long and the rest of his team were going for the Metro Area High Schools South (MAHA South) league championship title, but the the multiple strikes and spares in the “Roll Off” weren’t enough to take the win. Team Black lost all three games against Fox by a total of 12 pins, 651-639.

“Overall, I’m content with our performance this season,” Long said. “Since August everyone has really improved. It would have been nice to have something to show for our improvement, but sometimes the pins just don’t fall your way.”

Since the team of David O’Donnell (11), Connor Jones (11), Dan Vierling (11), David Cormack (11), Jackson Klump (12), Tom Hoffmeister (12), and Long were ranked first during the first half of the season, they faced the first place team of the second half, Fox, to determine the overall winner. Handicap points were added to each team’s scores with a purpose to give both teams with varying skill levels the same opportunity to win, not necessary allowing the most skilled team to win. If it wasn’t for the handicaps, Oakville would have won by 75 pins.

Oakville Bowling will be finishing its season by competing in the state tournament on April 21-22 in Joplin, MO.