Teachers travel from room to room

Mrs. Amy Crean and Mrs. Katie Heurung (Wolf) are both roommates. No they don’t share an apartment, they share a classroom.

Mrs. Crean only travels during her planning period and proceeds to the teacher workroom, library, and the English office as her preference.

Mrs. Crean said, “I find that, because I plan in public spaces, I’m much more accessible as people pass through those spaces.”

When Mrs. Crean first started teaching at Oakville High School, it was stressful and she found herself trying to find open and quiet places to work and which places in the building were the most comfortable for her.

However, Mrs. Heurung travels more than Mrs. Crean, as she goes to teach in 4 different classrooms upstairs and downstairs. The only classes she teaches in 103 is ANP, 5th block, and 8th block.

“At this time of year im pretty used to it so it’s fine”, said Mrs. Heurung “but from class to class it’s a bit more of a frazzle.”

Mrs. Heurung also says that she finds having to pack all of her belongings to move one class then unpack is a major inconvenience of being a traveling teacher, especially when you have to go to multiple parts of the OHS building within a single day.

Although Mrs. Heurung doesn’t have a specified homeroom, Mrs. Crean has given Mrs. Heurung a spot in room 103 to make her own.