French Club raises money for Doctors Without Borders


Mckenzie Knapp

French student analyzes flyer on the wall outside Room 235 on March 2.

French Club is known for its parties with French foods, playing games, watching movies, and raising awareness. The club meets towards the beginning and end of each month, and on Feb. 26 they began another Doctors Without Borders campaign to raise awareness for third world countries.

“I think it’s important to do this type of service project because it allows students to contribute globally,” said Mrs. Keri Wilson, sponsor of French Club.

The members make a difference by participating in Doctors Without Borders, similar to Red Cross Humane Aide. French Club has also raised $300 with the sales of t-shirts in the past year.

Chloe Wilke (11), a French Club officer, says “I think Doctors Without Borders is a great organization because it gives medical assistance to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to be helped.”

T-shirts of Grey’s Anatomy and Stranger Things will be on sale for $17 for a short sleeve and $20 for a long sleeve from Feb. 26th to March 16th.