Petric performs at Travis Scott concert


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Sean Petric (10) performing at Oakville’s got talent.

A once in a lifetime opportunity occured for OHS student Sean Petric (10) when he performed a juggling act at the Travis Scott concert on Feb. 18 at the Enterprise Center.

Petric said that Travis Scott wanted a juggler in St. Louis. They found him online through his agency, Circus Harmony.

“They hired me because Travis’s show, Astroworld, is a theme park in Texas, and they wanted the area to have a carnival vibe,” said Petric, who performed in the concourse. “So there was me, a juggler, and there was also carnival games around the area.”

For performing, Petric received free tickets to go see the concert after he finished up.

“It was very fun and really cool because I got paid to do what I love and go to a concert for free,” Petric said.

He started juggling three years ago, taught by a friend, Nicolai Zurcher (11). “When I was first learning to juggle, it was very hard to do. But once I got it, it was really easy and fun to do,” Petric said. Petric loved watching circus acts and loved plays at The Fabulous Fox.

Petric works at Circus Harmony, a non-profit organization during the rest of the year. They have kids that have gone on to performing in professional circuses like Cirque Du Soleil and Ringling Brothers Circus. Petric hopes to attend Ecole Nationale De Cirque (ENC) a circus school in Montreal, Canada after high school.

Petric’s talent isn’t limited to Circus Harmony. He also is a finalist for the Teen Talent competition for all of St. Louis. He’ll perform for the finals on April 13.

“Juggling has impacted my life because I was never able to stand in front of a crowd and it’s given me more confidence.” Petric said.