OHS band creates a virtual pep band


Alex Schumacher

The virtual pep band allowed many of the band students to work together while staying home


Video by Alex Schumacher

Despite social distancing restrictions, the OHS band program was able to get together to raise spirits in the OHS community. Band students and directors all submitted videos online playing the fight song to make a video that was published on March 29. 

Through the band’s Google Classroom, head director Mr. Vance Brakefield reached out to anyone willing to participate in making a video collage. 

“I just wanted us to play together again and try to bring a little joy to everyone’s day,” Brakefield said. 

And the video did just that. So far, the video has received over 700 views on YouTube and sparked many comments from the community.

“It was so nice to hear the OHS staff and our parents’ remarks,” Brakefield said. “One parent said it made them laugh and cry at the same time.”

This video project would not have been possible without the help of sophomore Alex Schumacher, who had the editing software and volunteered to put the whole video together. 

“It seemed like a fun project,” Schumacher said. “I needed to learn more things about my video editing software and it tested the skills I do know.”

In total, the one minute video took 16 hours to edit. There were over 30 students and directors recording themselves playing their instruments, singing, and spinning flags and more.   

Clarinet Isabella Wirthlin (11) said, “it was super fun to see our little band community come together even when quarantine pulls us so far apart.”