Oakville ‘socks’ Mehlville in Underwear Wars

Oakville ‘socks’ Mehlville in Underwear Wars

For the Win: The OHS leadership class celebrates on the football field after wining underwear wars by more than 4,000 socks and underwear.

After a disappointing loss last year, OHS came back to win the 2011 Underwear Wars aganist arch rival Mehlville with a score of 8,059 to 4,853.

Underwear Wars, which began last year during the 2010 school year, acts as a fundraiser for the St. Patrick’s Center for the Homeless.  Both Oakville and Mehlville collect socks and underwear to donate to the Center while also competing against each other for the title of Underwear Wars Champions.

 After losing last year by only about 100 socks and underwear, the OHS Leadership class, who organize the event, were devastated to turn over the title and the trophy built with their own hands.

“I know how disappointed the kids were last year,” said sponsor Mrs. Angelia Moore.  “We made that trophy and it was horrid to lose it.”

Collectively, OHS and MHS raised 12,950 socks and underwear to donate to the St. Patrick’s Center, more than quadrupal what was collected last year. Overall, the fundraiser was a major success for both schools and the St. Patrick’s Center. Winning the event was just the cherry on top for the OHS Leadership class.

“Honestly, it feels phenomenal to get our trophy back,” said Leadership student Lauren Fussell (12). “I mean, we smashed Mehlville.”