Don’t Yah’ Know? OHS Journalism students win big in Minnesota

Don’t Yah’ Know? OHS Journalism students win big in Minnesota

A group of students from OHS’s Newspaper, Yearbook, and Broadcast staff hit the road this weekend for a great learning experience. The group traveled to Minneapolis, MN for the JEA/NSPA National Journalism Convention on Wednesday, Nov. 16 and returned Sunday, Nov. 20.

The studentshad a fun, adventurous weekend filled with great learning experiences served with a side of fun. Aside from the convention, they went to the Mall of America, the Rainforest Cafe, and a Blues vs. Wild hockey game.

“The Mall of America was huge!” Broadcast student Emily Elking (12) said. “I got a lot of stuff for my family.”

After a long day of shopping, the group of students went to the Rainforest Cafe and all the students agreed it was great.

Friday was a very important day of the weekend. The students went to the Journalism Convention, where they would sit down with a professional critic who critiqued their work. Emily Maag (12), Editor-in-Chief of the Prowl, sat down with Cheryl Pell, Michigan State University Journalism professor, who gave her many great suggestions on what to change with the Prowl.

“Cheryl Pell is a very sweet, professional person who believes we improved greatly since last year, but gave us tips on how to improve our paper even more,” Maag said.

Aside from the critique, students could chose mini sessions to attend.

“I chose to go to a session about social networking and another one about motivational games,” Elking said. “I got a lot of these sessions like some really awesome games that can help the broadcast team come up with story ideas.”

On their last full day in Minneapolis, the group attended a couple more sessions and then later, a very eventful Blues vs. Wild hockey game.

“The game was very stressful!” Maag said. “We were winning for a good portion of the game, and then we went into a shootout, they got two shots and we got one. It was devastating.”

Sunday morning was the award ceremony, where Yearbook received 4th place and Broadcast received 8th place in Best of Show. Also, Maag received Honorable Mention in a Write-off.

“Receiving Best of Show recognition is a great honor’” Journalism teacher Mr. Jeff Kuchno said. “To receive Best of Show in more than one publication in the same year is really special. I am very proud of what my students have been able to accomplish.”