The cat’s meow

The cats meow

With the upcoming school year ahead for OHS students, there are bound to be many new changes for Our House. One definite difference at Oakville is the new bronze tiger statue in the commons. What many students do not know, however, is that there is a lot more to this piece of metal than meets the eye.

Our new, not so furry friend standing in the commons is the what many students and teachers are talking about in OHS. The bronze tiger was just an idea from Mrs. Becky Czuppon, Mrs. Janet Kellerman, and Mr. Brian Brennan at first. Later, the trio’s dream turned into reality.

“Czuppon, Kellerman, and myself were driving to State Championships last year when Czuppon suggested the tiger statue,” Brennan said. “It was kind of put on the back burner until after graduation. We talked about it after and still wanted to do it.”

The tiger statue was a gift from the class of 2012. Their contribution helped build towards Kellerman’s idea of making a more school spirited environment and leaves a definite impression on anyone who walks through the front doors of OHS.

“I love how when you walk in the doors, you have that tiger staring right back at you!” Brennan explained. “It is a focal point and definitely a conversation piece. It goes along with changing the environment at school spirit.”

The newest member in the commons has left an impression on the staff and students of OHS and will continue to build towards school spirit in Our House this year and many years to follow.