OHS tips their hat to Red Ribbon Week

OHS tips their hat to Red Ribbon Week

Students choose to show their favorite sports through fun hats on Hat Day for Red Ribbon Week.

Spirit Week has returned to OHS this week with Red Ribbon Week. To raise awareness of drugs and the fight to end the use of them, Hi Step teamed up with Trend to get students’ attention.

“Red Ribbon Week is to bring students together to resist drugs,” freshman counselor Mrs. Amanda Gross explained.

Today, Oct 23, is Hat Day. Students can wear a pro-sports team hat by buying a one dollar sticker from Gross in the counselor’s office or at lunch. All the money raised from today will go to Suburban Junky, an organization that goes around to schools and educates students on being drug free.

“We have raised $60 so far,” Gross said. “We hope to raise more throughout the day!”

Students around Our House have enjoyed being able to wear their favorite hat to school and at the same time, help a good cause.

“I love it,” Arthur Brinkman (12) said. “I got to wear my Blue Jays hat. It is cool to know I am giving towards something bigger at the same time.”