Construction begins on the tennis courts

Construction begins on the tennis courts

Crews start working on the tennis courts in front of Bernard Middle School.

The construction group broke ground for the new tennis courts on Oct. 15. The courts are being built on the Bernard Middle School campus.

The group has an aggressive schedule. According to the schedule, they are hoping to start paving in the second week of November. But they can’t paint until there is seven days with the temperature above 50 degree. If this all goes well, the courts will be done in the spring.

Before the courts at Bernard, the team had to split up practice by varsity and junior varsity and travel to other school’s courts before they could play matches. After the eight courts are finish, both the Mehlville and Oakville tennis teams will be able to utilize the courts. The teams will now be able to practice as a team, have a home field advantage, and  host tournaments.

“I was sad when I realized that the boys will get to use the courts first. But now, I can ask them about what they think of them, if they are nice or not,” said tennis player Ashley Ball (11).

The community will be able to use the courts when not being used. Also, the gym classes at Bernard can use the courts in the curriculum. However, they probably will not be transporting students from the high schools over to Bernard to use the courts in their gym classes.

The courts are looking to be a positive aspect , not just for the teams but also the community.