Got Snacks?

New Food Guidelines Might Change Profits for OHS

Sugar. Fat. Calories. Students at OHS  won’t be seeing much of them since the new food guidelines for schools went into effect over the summer by Michelle Obama to fight obesity.

The food regulations state that all snacks sold by schools have to be at most 150 calories, 35% fat, 10% saturated fat, 35% sugar, and have 200mg of sodium. According to the school store manager Mrs. Jana Shuey, the store’s opening has been postponed due to the lack of food that meets the guidelines. As of now, they plan to sell Go-Gurts and baked chips, with more ideas on the way.

“I’ve tried some samples. They’re not that bad.” said Shuey.

The cafeteria is also trying its best to meet the guidelines. Students still buy some food in the vending machines, like whole wheat cheez-its, but according to school principal, Mrs. Jan Kellerman, a lower profit turnout is expected.

“I think the cafeteria does a good job feeding kids,” said Kellerman. “but is it so bad just to eat a small bag of chips?”

The school won’t know if the food changes will affect profits until October. The staff has their doubts, but they are still optimistic about the food situation.