AP Bio plows the field

The AP Biology class will be taking a trip to Monsanto on March 27 to analyze how Monsanto works with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).

The idea for the trip all started when one of Mrs. Laura Thomas’s AP Biology students, OHS graduate Andrew Ludwig, suggested that they visit Monsanto since they work with genetically modified plants. Without proper funds and arrangements, however, the trip was no more than a fantasy. Everything changed two years later when Ludwig provided the arrangements. The class took their first trip last year and observed everything from the biotechnology of GMO’s to techniques for plant growth enhancement.

According to Mrs. Thomas, the purpose of the trip is to have students learn about real-life biotechnology and be exposed to possible biology careers.

“One of my students did well on the AP Biology exam because of the field trip, and that told me that this is worthwhile,” said Thomas.

The class will go to Monsanto on Friday, March 27, where they will go on a private tour of the facilities.

”I think it’ll be a good trip,” said AP Biology student Eric Ludwig (11), “I’m looking forward to it.”