What Happened To Late Starts?

The superintendent’s controversial decision to not cancel school in a morning  ice storm on Monday, Dec 1 aroused the questioning of OHS’s lack of a late start program among students and teachers.

OHS used to have what the staff call a “snow schedule” which would have only teachers begin the day late. The students would reside in the gyms or in the commons until classes would start. The program was discarded later due to the chaos of students in the morning. Since then, the district has been reluctant to put together a late start program.

“The biggest reason we don’t have them is because it messes up our transportation system,” said principal Jan Kellerman.

Several surrounding districts have established a late start program, most fairly recently. For example, the Parkway school district used a late start on the same day the ice storm took place. They ran into some traffic issues with the four different high schools in their district, but still remained confident in the program.

“It was a learning experience, but we made it through the day.” said Parkway communications director Annie Dickenson.

The OHS Calendar committee has been debating a proposal for late starts, concerned that the district would need more buses, which means more money.

“I think it’s important to have late starts to help not put the kids in danger trying to get to school,” said calendar committee member Becky Czuppon.