OHS Band hosts trivia night

What works your brain and happens after sunset? A trivia night.

The Oakville Band Parent Association (OBPA) held their annual spring trivia night at Genesis Banquet Center on Saturday, Feb. 7.

The OBPA usually holds fundraisers like craft fairs and barbecues to raise money for trips, but the purpose for holding the trivia night is to raise money for the band to buy more new instruments.

“It allows us to purchase new instruments that we couldn’t afford on our own from the school’s budget.” said assistant band director Theron Perkowski.

Trivia nights have been a favorite of the OBPA for the past seven years. Every year the OBPA holds two trivia nights: one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring trivia night usually has the biggest turnout, with over 200 people attending. This year, the trivia night raised $35,000 total.

“It definitely helps keep the expenses down,” said band director Vance Brakefield. “and I’d like to thank the OBPA for holding these events every year.”