Water Damage Washes Out Gym A

With winter sports about to start, the timing for Gym A repairs could not be better.

The OHS custodians are trying their best to repair Gym A for the winter sports after the floors started to warp and chip a few weeks ago.

The series of rainstorms that occurred earlier this month flooded the old drainage pipes that run under the school. Eventually, the pipe that runs under Gym A started to leak, leading to further damage to the wooden floors. Since then, the custodians have been replacing the old drainage pipe and repairing the floors around it. The staff is working hard to fix the problem quickly.

“Having it ready for winter sports is our top priority,” said Activities Director Becky Czuppon.

These repairs had a small effect on the sports that usually occupy the gym. The Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball teams switch between half of Gym A and all of Gym B. The basketball team also had a three-on-three league, which had to be relocated to Gym B. Basketball coach Nick Traxler would like nothing more than to have all of Gym A to practice.

“Hope is, we get the problem not just fixed, but eradicated.” said Traxler.

The OHS staff hopes that by Nov. 3, the winter sports will have a completed Gym A to practice and compete.