The “Fantastic Four” Musicians

Twenty-six schools. Four-hundred students. Only one-hundred qualifiers.

Four OHS band members qualified for a guaranteed spot in the St. Louis All-Suburban Honor Band at Holman Middle School on Monday, Oct. 27.

The St. Louis All-Suburban Honor Band is the “precursor” to the All-State band. 415 musicians registered for the tryouts out of the twenty-six schools that participated. OHS .specifically had 15 students tryout. Each musician had to practice a piece of music with only one session with an instructor. Three students, Nathan Doty (11), Aaron Bost (9), and Lauren Zygmont (9), made alternate spots, while Donald Rabin (12), Liz Doty (12), Sara Ravens (11), and Thomas Gholston (11) made guaranteed spots in the band.

“It’s very difficult music,” said band director Vance Brakefield. “Everyone who went through the process is now a better musician.”

Rabin made First Chair Flute, Gholston made Second Chair Bari Sax, Ravens made Fourth Chair Alto Sax, and Liz Doty made Ninth Chair Clarinet. Auditions for the All-State band will be held on Dec. 6, with the same location and process.

“I’m kinda nervous, but it would be nice to make all-state.” said Gholston.