Concert Band Visits Friendship Village

The Concert Band class at OHS gets to show off their talents in a performance at Friendship Village during ANP on Dec 3.

Concert Band is one of three band classes registered at OHS. While experienced musicians enroll in Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony, Concert Band is for students looking to learn how to play instruments. At the beginning of the school year, class instructor Theron Perkowski was looking for a way to recognize the Concert Band  students’ musical ability.

“These kids work hard, and they deserve to be recognized.” said Perkowski.

Eventually, Perkowski set up a performance at Friendship Village in their ballroom on Dec 3. The music will consist of christmas music to get the audience in the holiday spirit and jazz tunes to help remind them of their past. According to percussionist Qian Johnson, the students look forward to performing.

“We’re excited, we get to go out and show the people of Oakville our musical ability,” said Johnson.

Mr. Perkowski hopes that the students will “utilize their skills” and search for other opportunities to play for the community beyond high school.

“There’s a lot of opportunity out there, and I think its important for the students to get a chance to do something musically,” said Perkowski.